With Thought for the Future Let’s Look at Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Some of you might be thinking “Hang on a minute, they’ve not even said I do, and already we’re having to think about silver wedding anniversary gifts. Are you serious?” Well actually yes we are. Every successful marriage will eventually reach one of several significant milestones, and one of them will be a 25th anniversary. To show our commitment to the important union of marriage we’ve decided to spend some time looking at suitable 25th wedding anniversary gifts. This is because some of the ideas will require a little planning.

Silver wedding gifts should be filled with good memories

silver-wedding-anniversary giftWhen a silver wedding anniversary comes along, it’s a time for reflecting on all the good moments, and even remembering some of the bad. Gifts that are given on such a great occasion should convey deep respect and pride. They should also be thoughtful and relevant to the couples life together and any interests they share.

We’ve been scouring the web for 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas and have found a good one. The gift of an anniversary scrapbook. Now’s the time to start collecting, or keeping to one side, photographs that can be used to fill a memory scrapbook. This is one perfect gift that a couple can give to each other, but it will require some long term preparation. It’s not just photographs that can be used to fill the pages either. Small tokens, tickets, receipts, certificates and other memorable items can be saved over the years.

Another idea would be to make a time capsule on your wedding day, filled with items that can be used in the future to remember your special day. It could be one of the wedding invitations, a photograph of the two of you dressed in your finery, a pressed flower from the wedding bouquet or one of the horseshoes carried by your bridesmaid.

So what can a friend or relation give to the happy couple 25 years later?
Silver eternity rose for her

25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for family and friends

While this site may be looking primarily at wedding gifts, there are some of you that may be looking for some inspiration for 25th wedding anniversary gifts. For those of you we’re going to share some tips and ideas.

Consider it an honour to be invited to the silver wedding anniversary celebrations, whether it’s friends or family. Now isn’t the time for getting into a panic about your gift though. Take a deep breath and think about the couple that you’re buying the gift for. What are their interests? Do they have any hobbies? Is there anything that they’ve been longing to do? If you can answer these questions then you’re well on the way to finding perfectly suited silver wedding anniversary gifts.

A couple who have been living together for 25 years will already have a home that is filled with the necessities, which means you’ll be looking at anniversary presents that have a special meaning or emotion behind them. Here are a few likely candidates:

  • A picture frame coloured silver – This sort of gift can be filled with one or more photographs of the couple on their wedding day, and at special times throughout their 25 years.
  • A silver cork screw or ice bucket – If the couple have come to enjoy their wine, give them a gift that will come in useful.
  • Engraved glasses – Continuing with the wine theme, why not give them a set of matching glasses, which can be tastefully engraved?
  • A holder for their wedding certificate – The marriage certificate is an important piece of paper and deserves to be kept somewhere special.
  • A personalised calendar – If you can find some images of the happy couple, have them made into a calendar to hang on their wall.
  • A silver dipped rose – Roses have long been associated with love and are very popular gifts for wedding anniversary couples. Unfortunately they have a tendency to fade, but not with a rose from Eternity Rose.

When it comes to giving gifts, for whatever kind of occasion, it’s good to find a gift that stands out from the rest. It’s no different for silver wedding anniversary gifts either. So it’s time to look at a few more ideas, some that will be a nice surprise for the couple in question.

Unexpected silver wedding gifts

With a home full of trinkets, ornaments, pictures and other special items, is there anything left to give for a 25th wedding anniversary gift? Of course there is, there are heaps of interesting, unusual and unique ideas around, and we’re going to look at one kind of gift that might be right up the happy couples street..

The gift of an experience

Giving someone the gift of an experience is becoming very popular. Many people have most of what they need, and there is little that they want either, which means things become a little difficult when looking for husband or wife gift ideas.

For the couple who have everything giving them the opportunity to experience something new or different is seen as a welcome surprise. It doesn’t have to be something new either, it could be something that the couple have always dreamt of doing, or somewhere they’ve been longing to visit. On offer are the following, along with plenty more great ideas.

  • 25 years togetherA pudding club experience – Do either the bride or the groom look at the dessert menu first when you go out to dinner? Are they fans of Masterchef but lack the confidence to try some of those tasty puddings? This is the perfect gift for a couple of pudding lovers. It will include an overnight stay, and the chance to try out some tasty puds before helping to pick the best of the night.
  • West End theater and dining experience – The recipients of this gift get to spend the evening watching a West End show and dining in style. Tickets can be selected for a number of top shows.
  • Helicopter experience – This 25th anniversary gift will leave the couple on a bit of a high. Choices are available at a number of different UK locations, and promise a bird’s eye view of the landscape below.

For a couple who are looking to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, whether it’s in a month, or many years into the future, the opportunities for finding the perfect gift are just waiting to be found. There are countless gift sites, as well as this one, that offer helpful tips, advice and lots of options.

Giving silver wedding anniversary gifts is a big part of the celebration, but with planning and some careful thought, you should find a gift that will suit them perfectly.