Perfect Wedding Gifts for Your Wife That Will Set the Tone for the Future

Wedding days are full of stress, emotion, family and friends, with gifts flying left, right and centre. Both the bride and the groom will be running round like headless chickens, worried about the tiniest detail that could throw the occasion into disarray. Every happy couple should spend a small time of their day thinking about gifts they can exchange with other. This may be the only chance they get to spend a precious moment with the person they love and nobody else matters. Future wives might be finding the gift exchange a walk in the park, but here’s betting that there are a few guys out there who are getting a little hot under the collar.

Obviously those of you reading this fall into such a category, so we’ll try and ease the way with some wedding gift ideas for the wife to be.

Wedding gifts for her that are going to melt her heart

gifts for wifeOn a day that is filled with the emotions and feelings of other people, it’s always good for the bride and groom to have something that is just theirs. Time for the man to step up to the plate and give wedding gifts for the bride that will leave her weak at the knees. Hopefully not too weak though, or she’s going to struggle to walk down the aisle.

Wedding gifts from a husband to his wife that will make you go “Aaah”

We scoured the internet for some real wedding gift ideas for a wife. What follows are a few ideas that actually took place. Leaving you in no doubt that these wedding gifts for your wife will go down a treat.

    • Breakfast in bed – For a bride, her wedding day can be very stressful. Set the mood for the day by organising breakfast in bed. While you might not be allowed to join her, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants or coffee shops that will happily deliver some of her favourite treats.
    • Engrave your wedding rings – Of course your wedding rings are unique and individual, but you can make them more sentimental with some sweet words engraved inside.
    • A scrapbook of sweet memories – A great gift to exchange with your future wife to be is a scrapbook filled with your special memories. Don’t just include photographs, but love notes and messages too.
    • A love letter – Why not write each other a love letter, and it’ll give you the chance to share your feelings, and explain what it is that you love about each. Save your letters, so that many years in the future you can look back and remember the day it all began.
    • A spa treatment – With all the madness and excitement of her wedding day, a bride is going to relish the chance to relax and be pampered.
    • Sing her a song – Here’s one we found that was very sweet. This groom had previously said he would sing to his bride on their wedding day and he didn’t renege on his promise:
    • Secret love notes – With the help of the bridesmaids, one thoughtful groom gave his bride love notes throughout the day. Starting with the moment she woke up and ending with one just before she entered the church. These sentimental messages served to remind her of the love of her soon to be husband.
    • Show her you can dance – Judging by the number of Youtube videos, this is an idea that is becoming very popular. Take a look at one of our favourite examples:
  • Flowers and bubbly – What lady doesn’t enjoy the gift of flowers? With a bottle of bubbly to help calm her nerves, she’ll feel on top of the world when she walks down the aisle. For a bloom that will never fade, give your bride the gift of an Eternity Rose.
  • A firework display to end the day – End your special day with a firework display, and watch her eyes sparkle with delight.
  • A honeymoon surprise – You might be surprised but it does actually happen. With all the excitement of the special wedding day the honeymoon is completely forgotten. However you can surprise your bride by taking over the planning and take her on a dream honeymoon.
  • Write your own vows – Of course there are traditional vows you can use for your wedding ceremony, but there is an opportunity to make them more personal.

Take a leaf out of the book of one of these grooms and your wedding gift for her is going to go down in history. You never know it might even go viral on Youtube.

Now that’s the bride and the groom taken care of it’s going to be time to move on to other guests and the gifts that can be given to say a big thank you for all that they’ve done. The best man, bridesmaids, page boys, mothers and not forgetting the father of the bride.

Father of the bride gifts that say I’ll always love you

Saying goodbye to his little girl is always going to a sad moment. Let him know that you’ll always love him with father of the bride gifts that he can keep close for ever. It could be something as simple as an embroidered handkerchief, or something a little more elaborate such as silver cufflinks.

To everyone looking forward to your wedding day we wish you all the best and many years of happiness still to come.