He Means the World to You so Don’t Forget the Wedding Gifts for Him

We’ve all got a special man in our life, whether it’s a brother, father or soon to be husband. Don’t let him feel left out on a day that concentrates its attention on the blushing bride. The groom is just as important, because without him there would be no impending marriage. Take the opportunity to show him how special he is and your efforts will be appreciated. Giving the groom a gift will be a welcome surprise and set the day up perfectly.

Wedding gifts for the groom that will make him feel loved and appreciated

It’s important to remember the groom when it comes to such a special day as his wedding. Finding the perfect grooms wedding gift will make his heart swell with pride. Here’s our pick of the top presents for the groom.

gifts-for-groomA gift to look forward to – You may both be concentrating your efforts on the day in question, but what about gifts that can be enjoyed in the future? Has your soon to be husband got a favourite team, or is he passionate about a certain kind of music? Is he a movie buff, or a lover of the arts? If one of these applies then get him tickets to an upcoming event, match, concert or exhibition.

He might need a gift to calm his nerves – It’s not just the bride that suffers with pre-wedding butterflies, the groom can feel a bit nervous too. The bride has her bridesmaids and mother around her to bring her back down to earth, and it’s likely that they’ll be enjoying a glass of bubbly. For the groom there isn’t the same level of moral support, or an alcoholic beverage to calm his nerves. Solve two problems in one gift, by giving him a tasty tipple in a personalised hip flask. He’ll know that you’re thinking of him.

Groom want to dress up too – The bride has her gorgeous dress, new shoes, stylish haircut and elegant jewellery, but what about the groom? Cufflinks are a popular gift for a bride to give to the groom. Monogrammed with his initials or a few words of encouragement they will perfectly compliment his wedding attire. Engrave them with the date of the wedding and there’ll be no excuse for forgetting your anniversary.

Memories of the special day – Women don’t have the monopoly on romance and being sentimental. Why not frame a recording of the music you danced to for your first dance? How about displaying some of your wedding photographs in a stylish frame?

Something for the honeymoon – This could be an item of sexy underwear, with a complimenting set for yourself of course. It could also be a pair of trendy sunglasses to protect his eyes from the searing sun. Maybe he’d appreciate a leather toiletry bag filled with luxurious toiletries.

His own personal boudoir photo shoot – Several companies are offering saucy boudoir photo shoots, but you’ll need to be a bit plucky to be happy about showing your wares. Tastefully shot photographs will have the groom hot under the collar, and most definitely looking forward to the honeymoon.

If you’ve agreed not to spend any money on each other – You might have already purchased wedding gifts for him, or you’ve both decided that you’d rather save your money for the honeymoon. In which case, here’s a cute idea that will cost nothing at all. A pretty envelope that contains “Reasons that I love you”. When times are a little rocky this will be a good gift to get out and remember why you got together in the first place.

A light-hearted gift – A book titled “Don’ts for Husbands” might have been written in 1913, but still has advice for husbands that is relevant today. Give him this gift before the big day and he’ll enjoy learning about the pitfalls of being a loving husband.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect wedding gift for your groom, how about we share some celebrity surprises.

Even celebrity brides remember their husbands

  • Angelina Jolie – This celebrity bride gave her groom, Brad Pitt, a piece of literary history. It cost her $250,000 and was the typewriter used by famous US novelist Ernest Hemingway.
  • Amal Clooney – This thoughtful celebrity bride gave her husband to be George, a set of cocktail glasses and matching accessories that match those used in his favourite hotel.

gift for groomOf course your groom isn’t going to be expecting a gift that cost thousands of pounds, but we’re pretty sure that something will be much better than nothing. So if it’s your wedding day that is on the horizon, spare some time choosing a wedding gift for the groom. Marriage is a union between two people, both of which are equally important, and their happiness a big part of the day. For the groom, a wedding gift that is just for him is going to make him feel loved and appreciated.

If you’ve recently given or received a gift for the groom that you don’t mind sharing we’d love to hear from you. We might even make a feature of it.