The Best Wedding Gifts for Friends Ever

You’ve sorted out your shoes, a dress or suit to wear for the wedding, along with the tried and tested wedding hat, so all that’s left is to find a gift or gifts for the wedding of some very dear friends. Buying wedding gifts isn’t always easy, which is why many modern couples make use of a gift registry. However, there are still couples who prefer to walk on the wild side, and leave the gift choosing up to their guests. You might also be the kind of person that relishes the opportunity to throw convention out of the window. Whatever the case, we’ll be helping with some of the best wedding gift for friends we found while trawling the internet.

Go with your instincts when choosing wedding gifts for friends

gifts for friendsA word of advice before you head out to the shops, or click for your purchase at one of the many online gift sites: Don’t stray away from the path of the gift registry unless you’re really confident in your knowledge of the happy couple. You should be well aware of their individual taste and the kind of lifestyle they lead. If the couple you’re choosing the gift for aren’t close acquaintances then you’re much better off sticking with the couples suggestions. You might think that a gift from their registry is kind of impersonal, but at least you can be sure the gift you choose is something they need.

If the couple are your nearest and dearest, or one of your BFF’s, read through some of our great ideas for a touch of inspiration.

A piece of art

We’ll tell you now that a piece of art isn’t going to be cheapest gift you can buy for your friends, but surely they’re worth it. As well as being a welcome gift, it could also be a sound investment. Take a wander round your local gallery and pick up a unique sculpture, vase or original painting. You might be lucky enough to do something arty yourself, or know another friend who will happily create a special piece of art for a couple of friends.

Think about the groom and bride interests and taste and find a gift that perfectly compliments.

Silver eternity rose for her


When it comes to the first few months for many newly-weds, things can be a little stressful and chaotic, which means that a gift for their home will be very welcome. Think about buying them some elegant glassware, cutlery or a china dinner service. There might even be a particular appliance you know would come in handy. There are also monogrammed towels or linen, and if you really feel like splashing out a piece of furniture.

Items useful on the go

Nearly all couples have travel items included in their gift registry, so if your friends are a couple that are often on the go give them wedding gifts for friends that will come in useful. It could be a travel bag, shaving kit or toiletries. If either of them spend time away from home, whether it’s for work or leisure, a handy steam iron is another great present.

Time away from home

If you’ve got a couple of friends who would love to pitch in with the cost of a wedding gift give the newly-weds the chance to get away, even if it’s just for the weekend. Go for the all-inclusive option. Nobody wants to be given 2 nights in a swanky hotel, and end up spending a fortune on all the extras.

Something fancy to wear

You’ve already missed out on the wedding attire, but there will be lots of other occasions when the couple feel the need to dress up. An elegant suit and a tasteful little black dress will be a good surprise for sure.

Their favourite tipple

As they’re your friends you should be well aware of their favourite tipple. How many evenings have you spent propping up the bar or sipping wine at a local drinking establishment? Stock up their cellar with a case of their favourite wine, or a crate or two or three, of their favourite beer.

A friendship collage

gifts for friendsYou know that things are going to be a little different now your friends are a married couple, so make sure you remind them of all the good times you’ve shared. This gift from the heart can include photographs taken during the time you’ve been friends and be a time line of your friendship.

We’d always advise you check with your friends as to whether they are planning to use a gift registry. If not, or you’re really confident in your knowledge of the couple then we wish you success. Wedding gifts for friends isn’t the easiest of tasks you’ll encounter but there is a gift for every kind of couple out there.

We hope that you enjoy the wedding day of your friends, have a dance (possibly with the bride or groom), have a drink and above all have a good time. Choose your gift carefully and wisely and you’ll be helping the happy couple have a brilliant day.