Modern, Traditional and Sometimes Quirky Wedding Gifts for Brides

One of the most important days for many modern women is their wedding day. Every bride is special and so is the day they get married. Give the bride a perfect gift and the day will be lifted into the realms of unforgettable. What sort of wedding gifts for her will make the occasion even more memorable? If you find yourself struggling don’t worry because that’s why we’re here. Of course you want your gift to be imaginative, unusual, traditional or bang up to date, but you also want it to stand out from all the other offerings and be remembered by the bride for many years to come.

Gifts for the bride can come from all directions, but one of the most important will be the gift that is given by her husband to be. What sort of gift will a soon to be wife appreciate when it’s given by her soon to be husband? Let’s look at some interesting ideas.

Wedding gifts for the wife to be

gifts for weddingsWhile you might have taken out a second mortgage to pay for the engagement ring, then pitched in with the bridal shower, and made a contribution to the cost of the wedding, there’s still one more financial burden you’ve got to bear. The lady who’ll be meeting you at the altar is going to want a precious wedding gift from the groom.

What sort of things should a groom to be looking for, if he doesn’t want the day to end in tears? Luckily for you there aren’t any etiquette rules or traditional gifts you can give her. Some of you males may be thinking that a clue would have been helpful, but no limits or restrictions means you can give her exactly what you consider the best. There are no relatives looking over your shoulder, no spending limits and no vendors touting their wares.

If the lack of direction has sent your head spinning, don’t despair. We’re here to help with some wedding gifts for the bride that you can use for inspiration.

Suitable wedding gifts for the groom to give to the bride

This is one of the first chances you’re going to get to surprise and possibly even romance such a special lady. It’s much better if you spend some time considering your options and choose a gift that is personal and long-lasting. It should be a symbol of your relationship and tailored to her.

When should you give your bride her wedding gift?

There are no hard and fast rules, but the night before your wedding or the day itself are considered perfect opportunities for the exchanging of your wedding gifts. As you might have noticed we mentioned that it was an exchanging of gifts. Hopefully your fiancee is planning a gift for you too.
Silver eternity rose for her

3 top wedding gifts for the bride to be

It’s obvious that you’re still struggling, otherwise you would have stopped reading ages ago. Time to put your gift head in overdrive with our top three wedding gifts for the bride. We’ll be sure to feature more on some of our other pages.


It might be worth mentioning that jewellery is always going to be a great gift for your lady, and her wedding day is no different. It’s not very original, but is she really going to care. Ladies love their jewellery and if one of those items was a gift given by her husband it will regularly find it’s way round her neck, on her wrist, in her ears or on her finger. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are great gifts to give to your lady wife. Add a touch of personalisation, either with an inscription or your initials, or by choosing an item of jewellery that matches the theme of your wedding or her engagement ring, and you’ll very likely be a contender for husband of the year.

gift brideA sentimental photograph in a frame

Another relatively cheesy wedding gift for her, but nevertheless one that will be looked upon with fondness. Find a photograph that captures the love you share for each other, rather than just a selfie, and present it in an engraved frame. Don’t scrimp on the frame either. The photograph won’t have cost anything, possibly a small cost for a reprint, so splurge on the presentation.

A box of keepsakes

It might end up being the place that she stores all her trinkets and other tat, but for now it’ll be a keepsake box for memories of your wedding day, and the fun you’ve had getting there. Engrave whatever you want on the box. It could be an intimate joke, sentimental, romantic or just plain soppy. You know her better than anyone, and by know you should know what will make her smile the most.

One last thought is for the father of the bride. He’s giving away his daughter to a man who might never replace him, but one she will be spending the rest of her life with. Traditionally the bride’s father would receive a dowry from the grooms family, but those days are long gone. Father of the bride gifts are all part and parcel of the marriage traditions. It’s traditional for gifts to be given by the bride. It’s her way of showing how much she loves him, and that no-one will ever take his place in her heart. More ideas for father of the bride gifts will follow on another page.

We hope that your wedding day will be memorable and that our gift ideas help in the overall success.